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The Spotlight

Since The Great Exhibition was held in 1851 and set the model for modern expos for the following 160+ years, exhibitors has been the undisputable focus for all trade shows. At EXPOSLOGY our belief is that expo visitors should be the new and real spotlight, as, ultimately, it is the visitors that uphold the exhibitors, organizers and entire ecosystem. Motivated by the idea’s potential, we are setting off to build up a fast-growing database with the key indicators as below.


Estimated visitors


B2B trade shows




Vertical industries









*** The above indicators can be adjusting from time to time as our technologies evolve. ***

How it is built

An innovative prediction theory, sophisticated algorithms & Google-like math are joined to make it happen.

xPredict: Attendee Prediction

xPrdedit – eXposlogy Prediction by automated machine learning – is able to consume vast amounts of data to more accurately predict and identify who will attend the expos.

xProfiler: Convolutional Profiling

In a convolutional way, xProfiler cross-verifies, populates and updates the key information of expo attendee. It takes a continuous, incremental and self-propelled approach to refine data granularity.

xSegregator: Identity clarification

Further to xPredict result, xSegregator is designed to classify and separate the identities, e.g.: whether a show is a global one or national one, whether an attendee is a buyer or a normal participant.

The Growing Impact

Simply put, stakeholders of expo can now access a very precise list of estimated expo attendees, even 3 to 6 months before expo. While we are still evaluating how this is going to reshape the landscape of world trade show industry, there are already some known impact:

For visitors

Apart from the listed exhibitors, expo visitor knows for the 1st time who else visitors that could matter to their business would also come together and should set the appointments with for meet up


Pick only the expos that can help make the most of attendance.


Get up to date information about exhibitor products and services.

For organizers

Marketing and promotion of the event in the industry sector to a very precise list of audience.


Monetisation of additional services and advertising based on the big data.


Better designing of sponsorship programs and other additional revenue streams.


Collection and analysis of statistical data.
Stay in close contact with participants and visitors all year round.

For exhibitors

Pick only the expos that can maximize the ROI of exhibiting. Make the most of the limited exhibition budgets.


Know precisely who will be under the expo roof and how to drive the traffic to booth.


Reach out to the key visitors and set the appointments, months before expo.

For institutes

Associations, industry news media, expo promotion bureaus, government. Expo app developers.


Stay informed of key industry figures. Analytics based on various metrics, better supported decision-making.


Keep in close contact with industry professionals all year round.


Promote the product to the industry sector in a more target way.

Our Story

We believe that potential of model expos today is not fully unleashed. Since the modern expo was debuted in the 1850’s, the world has changed. Technology has changed. So should expo industry.


EXPOSLOGY was co-founded by MARIO ZHUO, CRISTIANO GAZZONI & ALEŠ JEJČIČ to make expos more efficient by vitalizing the visitors. We built the xPredict & cProfiler tech to apply deep machine learning to Attendee Prediction & Profiling. When it is fully implemented, it shall be fundamentally transforming the way that expo is organized and attendance is made.


If you would like to partner up with EXPOSLOGY and join us in delivering amazing technology for world expos, please get in touch with us.